About Us

Who are we?

WE ARE A COUNTY COUNCIL ON AGING established by the Older Americans Act of 1965.

The Older Americans Act (OAA) was enacted to provide funding to supplement the health legislation such as Medicare to provide a means for Americans to focus on the needs and concerns of its older citizens, and on their many resources and contributions to society.* NOTE:  One of the major aims of the Older Americans Act was to keep the elderly living independently in their homes longer!  (If the elderly don’t stay in their homes, and they enter nursing homes, they significantly increase the cost of Medicare!).

WE ARE ARAPAHOE COUNTY’S ADVOCATE FOR OLDER CITIZENS.  The Arapahoe County Council on Aging was established in 1975 by the Arapahoe County Commissioners to serve as the official advocate for Arapahoe County’s 70,000 elderly (sixty years of age and older).

WE ARE VOLUNTEERS Our Council is composed of volunteers who are either seniors or representatives of governmental agencies, service providers and senior organizations.

What do we do?

WE ADVOCATE FOR FUNDING OF SERVICES primarily through our Area Agency on Aging, which is the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG),  and by actively encouraging cooperation and coordination within our community.

WE INFORM THE ELDERLY in Arapahoe County of the services that are funded by the Older Americans Act (and State of Colorado) at our monthly meetings and our Annual Arapahoe County Senior Day (featuring 70 exhibitors and speakers on Mind, Body and Spirit), etc.

WE INFORM OUR MEMBERS AND IDENTIFY NEEDS at our monthly meetings.  Service, advocacy and needs topics include transportation services, nutrition services, healthcare, health promotion, emergency and disaster planning, affordable housing, elder law, hospice care, respite care, in-home services, senior fraud, information and referral, family caregiver support, and outreach to special populations.

WE NEED YOU if you would like to help us pursue our mission of identifying the needs of Arapahoe County’s 70,000 elderly and advocating for services to meet those needs.


President: Courtney Stryker, Senior Resources Division Manager, Arapahoe County

Vice-President: Krista Keller, Health Insurance Specialist

Treasurer: Barbara Boyer, Executive Director, AgeWise Colorado

Secretary: Johanna Glaviano, Program Manager, Aurora Health Alliance